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Silicon Valley Power: Awards

Six Santa Clara businesses were honored today by their electric utility, Silicon Valley Power (SVP), for innovative adoption of energy efficiency measures and renewable energy in 2010. One of the companies saved almost 6 million kilowatt-hours of electricity last year.

SVP annually honors winners in the categories of Environmental Innovator, Energy Efficiency Partner and Green Power Champion. As it turns out, a little recognition can go a long way toward encouraging customers to work with their utilities on efficiency and renewables programs. The following lists the companies recognized for their achievements and a brief description of what they did:

Environmental Innovator: CoreSite, a data center that cut its energy use by 6 million kilowatt-hours a year by incorporating energy-efficient air temperature design won the award in the large company category. It also built a Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Gold-certified facility in Santa Clara. In the small business category, Roos Instruments was recognized for cutting its power consumption by 6% last year, and is shooting for a 10% reduction this year.

Energy Efficiency Partner: Agilent Technologies won the large business award, earning $108,000 in SVP rebates for its smart building technologies used in heating and cooling systems. The company cut its energy use in 2010 by 10%. In the small business category, the Bella Vista Inn was honored for its installation of motion sensor-controlled efficient lighting, upgraded air conditioning unites and updated hot water and laundry equipment to cut power use.

Green Power Champion: Intel won in the large company category for cutting its carbon footprint by buying 1.43 billion kilowatt-hours of renewable energy credits, which covered about 50% of the company’s nationwide electricity use. Intel also installed a 100-kilowatt solar array on its Santa Clara headquarters. The small business winner is the community’s Neighborhood Christian Center, which saves energy with energy-efficient lighting and operates with 100% renewable energy.

Virtualization technology is a key building block for next generation enterprise datacenters and infrastructure. Though several vendors (Citrix, Microsoft, Novell, Oracle and VMware) have stepped up their virtualization offerings to the market, a void remains in the undeveloped area of managing and optimizing those virtualized environments and devices once they are in place. As the number of virtual servers increases, system administrators quickly find themselves in fire-fighting mode. Existing server monitoring tools are not virtualization aware and are unable to take into account the shared resource dependency between host and virtual machine.

Though IT managers are figuring out how to support different applications and operating systems on a single server, or how to dynamically allocate resources among storage devices, or how to take device utilization from 20 percent to 70 percent, the coordinated and automated management and optimization of this virtualized infrastructure remains elusive.
The Solution: Virtualization Intelligence For Every Stage
ToutVirtual is automating and simplifying the virtualization intelligence process with its VirtualIQ software which helps enterprises move virtualization through the various stages of virtualization. There are three stages (3Ds) of virtualizationdesign, deploy, and deliver. At each stage, users face different virtualization management challenges.For instance, in the design stage, the issues are physical-to-virtual (P-V) migration, calculating ROI, platform selection, how to decide which applications get consolidated on which hosts, resource optimization, and so forth. In the deploy stage, the challenges are managing available server capacity, controlling virtual server sprawl, performance optimization, and resource dependency just to name a few. In the deliver stage, the hurdles are managing heterogeneous virtual environments, service-delivery optimization, policy-based actions like spinning a new virtual machine, and more. ToutVirtual provides a single, integrated console to optimize each scenario.
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