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Origins of Energy Rebates Offered by Utilities

Under their Non-Residential New Construction (NRNC) program, PG&E has targeted energy savings toward the IT industry and other commercial businesses. Currently, dozens of utilities are emulating the PG&E program nationally, and many more plan to implement a program in 2010.

A basis for the program is the Standard Performance Contract (SPC). SPC offers incentives to businesses for installing new, high efficiency equipment or systems. For the period from 2009-2011, PG&E has reserved, for example, $50 million in energy rebate incentives for data centers alone. Network Appliance’s new Sunnyvale, California data center, designed to operate at a PUE of 1.3, received a $1.4 million energy rebate from PG&E.

In fact, energy efficiency programs across all sectors have helped keep per capita electricity consumption in California flat over the past 30 years. Plus, PG&E’s programs alone have avoided the release of over 1 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere over the same period, equivalent to taking 8.6 million cars off the road for a year.

Utility IT Energy Efficiency Coalition

The Utility IT Energy Efficiency Coalition promotes the adoption of energy efficiency programs and services directed toward data centers and information technology infrastructure by utilities across the United States and Canada. Coalition members (below) share program and service designs, technical documents, and industry market intelligence using a collaborative web site and through regular face-to-face meetings. Currently, there are over 50 member utilities.

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