A White Paper On Green IT and Facilities

IT and facility professionals are paying attention to the return on investment associated with acquiring more energy efficient IT equipment and architected “greener” data center facilities, but the advantages of a green data center do not stop there. Green data centers don’t just save energy and reduce overhead; they improve community relations and foster healthy, eco-conscious environments by combining the most energy efficient IT equipment with well-designed data centers.

While new technologies enable IT organizations to significantly increase the delivered computational performance per watt, the effects of expanding demand for growth is being felt in other parts of the organization, especially facilities departments. According to market analyst Gartner, the growth in power demand is expected to result in 80% of data centers running at the maximum available power and cooling levels by 2020.

Technology is not the gating factor to addressing the constraints faced by data centers. Rather, the intra- and inter-organizational behavior and structure are, especially the limited interactions between IT and facilities departments. Data Center Rebates delivers an integrated, holistic and collaborative approach to IT and data center facility missions. Data Center Rebates can greatly enhance how data centers are designed, built and operated so as to maximize resources, increase energy efficiency and provide the levels of service needed by IT and facility professionals.

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