Virtual Desktops=Big Rebates

The Benefits of Centralized Virtual Desktops results in Big ROI

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Enterprises have discovered that the use of virtualization to support desktop workloads create a range of significant benefits. These benefits include improved ROI, IT management efficiency, improved price efficiencies, and improved functional capabilities.

Examples of these benefits include:

1-Return on Investment (ROI). Organizations deploying VDI saved on average over $750 per supported end user per year compared with organizations using unmanaged PCs. Savings came from lower device and IT staff support costs (over $480) and improved productivity (reduced downtime)(over $130). Saved an additional $122 per year by using dashboards to look at resource utilization.

This does not include the energy saving gained from the reduction of physical servers which is substantial. And does not include Utility company rebates which can be up to 50% of the CapEx to purchase equipment. In one customer environment the rebate was over $300,000 after eliminating 80 servers.

2-Enablement of thin clients. Because little computational execution occurs at the edge in a CVD environment, the computing architecture becomes less reliant upon the horsepower in endpoint devices. This creates an opportunity for IT to significantly drive down the cost of endpoint hardware either by extending the life span of existing PCs by repurposing them as CVD endpoints or by replacing aging PCs with a thin-client device, which typically operates across a life span twice that of a standard PC.

3-Improved data security. The ability to move data from the edge of the IT environment into the datacenter inherently reduces the security risks to an IT organization. Centralization of data access can mitigate the risk of data leakage and theft and simplify compliance procedures.

4-Simplified data backup. Because centralized virtual desktops reside entirely within the datacenter, it is easier to ensure full compliance with backup policies. Furthermore, depending on how the platform is architected, the use of consolidated images and delta files may further simplify the abstraction and collection of important data, thereby simplifying backup processes. In a typical computer, the hard drive can crash and data can be lost. With centralized virtual desktops, the system is constantly backing up that data.

5-Simplified disaster recovery. Virtual machines significantly simplify disaster recovery because central IT staff can easily revert virtual desktops back to their last known good states. Thus, IT no longer needs to provide spare endpoints that are up to date with the latest image.

6-Time to deployment. In particular, when thin clients are used within a CVD architecture, the process around deployment is significantly simplified because nothing is installed on the endpoint device. The benefits of the virtual desktops start with the ease of deployment of applications. If it takes an hour per PC over a period of a year deploying new applications to that PC, now takes 15 minutes to do that same deployment to the virtual PC.

7-Simplified PC maintenance. When used appropriately, virtual desktops can be far easier to maintain than traditional PCs. Because of the unique characteristics of virtual machines, it can become quite simple to patch applications, provision/deprovision users, migrate to new operating systems, and perform auditing duties The big benefit for us has been centralized desktop support.

8-Flexibility of access. Because corporate desktop environments are centralized, access to them can be provided to users who do not have access to their corporate PCs, in situations where users need to work from home, away from their desks, or among other remote worker situations