Data Center Rebates (DCR) is focused on “Industrial Efficiency” to help data center clients accelerate and maximize their return on investment by infusing cash on their balance sheets.

We offer five primary practices around Industrial Efficiency for data centers by:

1. Establishing your current baseline of energy utilization and overall data center efficiency.
2. Providing cash for your aging, inefficient equipment via competitive trade-in credits.
3. Structuring creative leasing options that integrate disciplined technology refreshes and the industry’s highest residual values for smarter life cycle management.
4. Maximizing energy rebates offered by utilities for energy efficiency improvements by managing and streamlining complex negotiations.
5. Reducing your energy bill and ongoing OpEx.

DCR provides professional energy efficiency services for data centers to CIOs, facilities management professionals, sustainability managers, corporate councils for environmental responsibility, and other C-level executives. DCR helps customers to lower their operating costs dramatically by implementing best practices for energy efficiency in the data center.

In most data centers, 50% of a data center’s operating costs are due to the electricity consumption to power and cool IT equipment (compute/storage/networking). For example, IDC estimates that the energy expense for power and cooling associated with the worldwide server installed base represents $32.6 billion, a number that has been increasing steadily over the past five years at a rate of approximately 31.2%. Energy efficiency services are crucial to help reduce these rising costs.

This is an ideal time to measure your Industrial Efficiency in order to determine which of your applications are strategic, to determine which can be moved to the cloud and which can be virtualized. This will result in having the baseline information to identify which equipment should be replaced and can qualify for energy rebates.

DCR can define the baseline metrics of inefficient IT equipment to maximize energy rebates offered by utility companies. which accelerates customers’ ROI for IT projects and increases cash flow. DCR manages the rebate negotiation process with utilities as a turnkey service, effectively and expeditiously, to ensure the energy rebate approval.

DCR provides take-out and tech refresh services by buying back older, inefficient IT equipment. This reduces your operating costs and infuses cash on your balance sheet above and beyond the approved energy rebate.

Finally, we provide consultation to government agencies and fund managers investing in green IT solutions or businesses. Our consulting services are available on an hourly basis or monthly retainer.