Data Center Rebates Professional Services – An In Depth Look

prof_services1Data Center Rebates Professional Services have implemented energy efficiency initiatives in various industries, including IT, for nearly 30 years. Data Center Rebates Professional Services provide businesses with end-to-end support services for green data centers: from site qualification; to site assessments and assurances; systems management and ongoing remote monitoring; technical support and training. Our expertise helps to ensure that customers maximize their Total Value of Ownership throughout the container solution life cycle.

Professional Services Options

Site Qualification Services
Our service experts conduct site qualification services either at the customer’s site or remotely via telephone using a comprehensive questionnaire.

Design Services

Design services are provided in order to optimize the green IT infrastructure. This helps to ensure high performance and the reduction of ongoing operating costs thanks to power, cooling, and space efficiencies.

– Container
– Networking
– Cable and Cable Management
– Blade

Site Survey Services

Data Center Rebates’ service experts conduct an in-depth customer site survey, reviewing and documenting factors such as roadway access requirements, adequacy of electrical capacity, power protection equipment, the chilled water system, and the site levelness and strength. The assessment includes a site requirements document that provides key requirements, recommendations, and information needed for planning, scheduling, and budgeting site preparation.

Site Preparation Consulting Services

Data Center Rebates Professional Services include placement, mechanical designs and drawings, platform designs, chiller catwalk, construction and safety code requirements, and other customization requirements that help to minimize implementation time. Also, Data Center Rebates Professional Services’ data center and construction partners (listed below) assist with the following activities:

– Permitting process
– Plumbing
– Construction
– Mechanical
– Electrical

Data Center Rebates Professional Services’ data center and design partners include Onsite Energy, Carlson Design and Construction, PTS Data Center Services, and Turner Construction.

Pre-Ship Systems Assurance Services
Pre-ship systems assurance services include delivery review, placement, hookup (installation), checkout, turnover plans, and prerequisites to ensure that all resources are aligned and in place according to the master schedule prior to commencing shipment. A summary of pre-ship system assurance services includes:

  • Inspection of mechanical, electric, and plumbing connections
  • Initial power-on (IPO) procedures
  • Total re-inspection of the IT infrastructure and integrated products

Configuration-Dependent Services
Data Center Rebates’ professional services provide special services for unique customer and location specific requirements:

  • Code Requirements Compliance Services
    Data Center Rebates Professional Services investigate construction code requirements to ensure adherence to local regulations
  • Green Data Center and Systems Management Services
    Green data center (raised floor or containers) and systems management services help to facilitate the highest levels of data center availability and business continuity. Through our strategic partnerships, we provide Managed Services for a complete ‘hands-off’ solution
  • Migration, Consolidation, and Virtualization Services
    Data Center Rebates Professional Services perform migrations for customers. Migration services focus on transformational improvements in the data center. This helps to ensure that business and IT executives achieve measurable improvements in customer satisfaction, reliability, operational performance, and especially ongoing cost reduction. Consolidations are more often tightly focused on immediate operational cost reduction. Reducing the number of active systems and applications required to support the enterprise, or decommissioning under-utilized or unused servers altogether, can yield substantial licensing fees and support savings over time. Cost reduction benefits are achieved quickly through the use of virtualization solutions that enable systems administrators to load and run multiple applications on a single, under-utilized server. Data Center Rebates Professional Services and our strategic partners deliver these strategies and technologies to help customers save money, increase system and administrator productivity, and accelerate their ROI.
  • Third Party Equipment Installation Services
    Customers choose IT components from multiple vendors in order to best meet project requirements. Our consultants and strategic partners can assist in the design and management of this process
  • Network Design Services
    Networking services are offered to provide high performance, high density connectivity to meet the tough demands that green data centers require. Experienced in low-latency HPC clustering, standard or virtualized enterprise, and critical storage networking, Data Center Rebates can deliver best-of-breed networking in any fabric. Knowledgeable regarding the latest developments in data center networking technology and network convergence, our professional services team is well-suited to implement network architectures of the most complex designs, including those centered around the Cisco Nexus Series switches, Data Center Ethernet, or Converged Enhanced Ethernet. The network systems are designed to provide the absolute best in performance and reliability within a state of the art data center.
  • Network Cable Management Services
    Our professional services team can provide custom cable management services for the data center. These services are based on the customer’s requirements and specifications for cable labeling, color coding, etc.
  • Environmental Tuning Services
    Prior to equipment installation, we give consideration to the environmental conditions in the data center, such as high temperature, hot spots, and poor airflow and cooling, which can affect hardware reliability. An environmental tuning service determines the optimal placement for IT equipment in order to ensure efficiency based on ambient airflow simulations and practical experience with the environmental characteristics of the data center

Support and Training Services
The mission of Data Center Rebates’ Support Team is to maximize customer satisfaction by providing experienced industry veterans with relevant IT industry and energy efficiency certifications, ensuring timely action and resolution of service requests 24/7. Data Center Rebates and its data center and construction partners offer a portfolio of learning products that help customers reduce complexity and quicken your ROI. These offerings help ensure that your staff is properly skilled and certified in the use of new IT equipment and green IT facility. Customized training plans for data centers are our hallmark to meet specific customer requirements.